AFC Bournemouth and LVCVA Launch Groundbreaking International Partnership

In a striking display of international sports collaboration, AFC Bournemouth has officially announced a groundbreaking partnership with The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), marking an innovative blend of English football and American entertainment. This multi-year agreement, celebrating a transatlantic bridge between the two, will see the “Visit Las Vegas” logo prominently featured on AFC Bournemouth’s training kit, introducing the pulsating energy of Las Vegas to the English Premier League’s vibrant fanbase.

The partnership is not just about brand visibility; it’s a strategic alliance aimed at infusing the thrilling essence of Las Vegas directly into the heart of AFC Bournemouth’s home ground, the Vitality Stadium. This initiative brings a slice of ‘The Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World’ to the UK, leveraging Las Vegas’ burgeoning reputation as a global sporting hub. With Las Vegas recently hosting high-profile events like the Formula 1’s Las Vegas Grand Prix and Super Bowl LVIII, this collaboration underscores the city’s dedication to becoming a pivotal force in the international sports landscape.

Steve Hill, President and CEO of the LVCVA, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, recognizing it as a significant step towards broadening Las Vegas’ sports brand on a global scale. “We are grateful to AFC Bournemouth for their partnership and bringing us the opportunity to expand our sports brand internationally,” Hill stated, highlighting the mutual benefits of this cross-continental collaboration.

AFC Bournemouth and LVCVA Launch Groundbreaking International Partnership

AFC Bournemouth and LVCVA Launch Groundbreaking International Partnership

The synergy between AFC Bournemouth and Las Vegas is further deepened by the personal ties of Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley, who holds a controlling stake in the football club. This unique relationship has fostered a kinship between the teams, establishing them as sister franchises and exemplifying the potential for fruitful partnerships across different sports and countries.

Jim Frevola, AFC Bournemouth President of Business Operations, mirrored this sentiment, emphasizing the strategic and cultural fit between the club and Las Vegas. “Our ownership having roots in Vegas, and with the city itself fast becoming an important sporting destination, this makes for a strong relationship,” Frevola commented, looking forward to the innovative collaborations this partnership will yield.

This alliance not only celebrates the convergence of sports and entertainment but also highlights the growing trend of sports entities reaching beyond their traditional boundaries to create unique experiences for fans. As AFC Bournemouth competes in the fiercely competitive English Premier League, this partnership with LVCVA promises to elevate the club’s profile, offering fans new and exciting ways to connect with the game they love, while simultaneously bringing the magnetic allure of Las Vegas to a broader international audience.

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