Enchanted Casino: Top 5 Mini Games for Real Cash Prizes

Enchanted Sweeps, aka Enchanted Casino, is a social gaming platform offering a wide variety of sweepstakes casino games, generous offers, and free coins to enjoy free casino-style games without the need to purchase.

However, you can always take advantage of the bonus packages containing Gift Coins and Free Enchanted Coins, which can be used to play in Enchanted Coins Mode, allowing players to redeem their winnings. Today we will explain a specific game selection of Enchanted Casino – the best mini games.

enchanted sweeps casino homepage interface

Enchanted Casino Homepage Interface 


What are Mini Games in Sweepstakes Casinos?

Mini Games are simple games usually embedded within the casino website as additional entertainment. For instance, sweepstakes casinos such as Pulsz Bingo feature mini-games that participants can play while waiting for the bingo draws. This approach is useful as the casino entertains its players in boring moments.

Nevertheless, in this case, we’ll talk about the mini-games available at Enchanted Sweeps Casino, which users can play for real money prizes.

Enchanted Casino: Mini Games

To find the mini games, open the sidebar menu and click “Specialty Games“. The Mini Games library will open, and there we go; this is our final destination for this article and everything we need; after all, we are hunting mini games today!

The mini games library of Enchanted Casino has 3 tabs: Mini Games, Crash Games, and Dice Games. Currently, there are 13 various titles to choose from in the mini games tab. Let’s see the 5 most popular ones.

enchanted mini games

Enchanted Mini Games 

Heads & Tails

As the game title by BGaming suggests, here we have two options; heads or tails. The RTP of this instant win game is 99%, and the setting takes place in a futuristic laboratory or something of the sort.

The flipping coin is depicted as Bitcoin. The game is basic and fast-paced, so be careful here; this game is not for every taste and pocket.

heads and tails logo

Heads & Tails


Plinko, developed by BGaming, is a favored game for sweepstakes enthusiasts at Enchanted Casino. This mini game is slightly more complex than Head & Tails, as it offers game physics, pins, balls, and paying sectors. The game layout consists of a vertical board with the said pins, where the balls fall from the top.

The goal is to have as many balls as possible hitting the most outer, left, and right sectors, where the big multipliers are waiting. This game has a win potential of 1000x your bet and various settings such as auto mode, live statistics, risk level, etc. Make sure to press the “Play Button” just once if you like to drop balls 1 by 1; otherwise, you can swarm the board with balls, which can be risky for your Gift Coins and Enchanted Coins.

plinko mini games logo



Remember those good old days in the 90s when we used to play that classic Minesweeper game on our PCs? You know, the one that looked like a calculator, and let’s be honest, some of us still don’t know how to play it right (guilty as charged)!

Well, guess what? There’s a new, cool version of Minesweeper over at Enchanted Casino, which you can play for real money prizes!

So, how do you play this revamped Minesweeper? Simple! Just place your bet, click on those grassy sectors, and hope you don’t hit a mine! If you do, it’s a bummer because you’ll lose your bet and progress and have to start over.

The more successful clicks you get, the better your multiplier! Just make sure to cash out your winnings while you’re ahead because losing it all is just a click away.

And let’s talk about those graphics! This Minesweeper has got some sweet isometric visuals and a minefield that’s covered in grass – way more eye-pleasing than that old-school calculator look.

minesweeper mini game logo



If you’re into Minesweeper, you’ll want to check out Teleport! It’s got a similar vibe in terms of gameplay and rules. In this game, you’ll step into the shoes of a mad scientist who’s gotta climb to the top row of floating rocks using teleports, where the juiciest rewards are waiting. But watch out!

Just like Minesweeper, you might end up on a “bad teleport” that resets the game, causing you to lose your bet and winnings. Ouch!

Teleport has a switch that controls the volatility. More rows and rocks mean lower volatility and winnings, so you can tweak the game to your liking. And guess what? Teleport offers a 99% RTP version, making it fairer than a lot of video slots out there these days.

teleport mini games


Jogo do Bicho

This game is a real treat for all fellow animal lovers! I remember when I first fired up this game, expecting just another farming sim. But boy, was I in for a surprise! I mean, who would’ve thought you could care for ostriches and lions together, right?

Presenting the delightful mini game by BGaming – Jogo do Bicho! It’s hands-down the most amusing mini game I’ve played recently, with a gorgeous UI and stunning artwork. The game might seem a bit confusing at first, but trust me; it’s easy to get the hang of it.

In Jogo do Bicho, you can place bets on either animals or numbers. With 25 quirky animals to choose from, you’re definitely in for a wild ride! In “Simple mode, you pick one animal per bet, while in “Pentamode, you can choose up to 5 animals per play.

The biggest win is possible in Penta mode when you guess all 5 animals correctly. It’s a rare accomplishment, but with a whopping 17,000x multiplier on your bet, it’s definitely worth the effort!

jogo do bicho logo

Jogo do Bicho

Bottom Line

Enchanted Casino has truly outdone itself with its diverse mini game selection, offering a unique blend of entertainment and excitement for sweepstakes enthusiasts.

From the nostalgic Minesweeper to the noisy Jogo do Bicho, these mini games are a perfect way to spice up your gaming experience and still be able to win real cash prizes. In our next posts, we’ll come back with more suggestions of popular games to play at Enchantedsweeps.com; until then, good luck, and have fun!

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