Free Coins for Golden Hearts Casino

Golden Hearts Casino is among the most enthralling gaming platforms of its kind. As a social casino, Golden Hearts does not charge players to participate in the games available. Instead, players get free coins for Golden Hearts Casino they can wager on the sweepstakes slots, bingo or table games.

While the casino will not ask you for any deposits to play the games at the site, you win prizes and can redeem your bankroll for various prizes when you collect one type of coin on the platform. This review tells you all you need to know about claiming winnings from your coins.

Can You Redeem the Free Coins for Golden Hearts Casino?

Platforms that offer their games under the social casino tag cannot provide you with real-money games like regular casinos would, but there is a virtual currency you can use to win yourself prizes and cash.

At Golden Hearts Casino, sweepstakes, which are the redeemable coins, go by the name Golden Hearts Redeemable Coins. The second type of coins are the Golden Hearts Unplayed Coins, which have no real monetary value. You can only redeem coins that carry the tag ‘redeemable.’

Since you have two variants of virtual currency at the casino, it is worth knowing how you accumulate each of these. The unplayed coins which carry no value can be bought when your bankroll runs dry, and you want to keep playing. These come with Redeemable Golden Hearts Coins, which the casino gives you as a token.

coin store golden hearts

Golden Hearts Coin Store

Claiming Your Redeemable Golden Hearts Casino Coins

Player accounts have a bankroll showing how many coins you have for each virtual currency. Claiming your sweepstakes, referred to as Golden Hearts Redeemable Coins at the casino, requires you to follow these steps.

Players should note that the casino gives terms and conditions on how players claim these coins, which we shall shed some light on below:

  1. Click on the ‘Redeem‘ button on your player account bankroll section.
  2. Select what you wish to get for the coins, whether cash or gift cards, on a drop-down menu.
  3. Players who select cash get to choose what banking option they wish to use for the withdrawal, which includes PayPal, paper cheque, and direct bank transfer.
  4. Players who prefer gift cards are given one from Amazon, where they can get anything on sale.
  5. Players who claim cash must complete KYC requirements before any transactions can be done. Follow the prompts and provide the requisite documents to complete this process.
  6. Click ‘Withdraw‘ to start the withdrawal process.

While making withdrawals may be easy, players need to note several conditions they must fulfill when claiming sweep coins for cash or gift cards. To begin with, players must have at least 5,000 Golden Hearts Redeemable Coins to initiate a cash-out request.

Requests like these can take up to 10 business days to complete if players prefer paper cheques. Direct bank transfers take up to 5 days, and PayPal and digital gift cards process in two days.

redeem free coins fo golden hearts games casino

Redeem Coins Golden Hearts Casino


There are plenty of social casinos, but none quite matches the free coins for Golden Hearts Casino you get. From the captivating games to the bonus rewards, the casino matches the best of the best.

Players who like knowing they are impacting the world will be pleased to learn about the charities that the casino works with. When you play at Golden Hearts Casino, you win and also contribute to making the world a better place.

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