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Free 1,000 GHC



Golden Hearts Casino | FREE Games & Bingo

Golden Hearts Promo Code

Creating your account with the MRSWEEP bonus code will give you an exclusive Golden Hearts Casino first donation bonus. Donate $10 and you will get additional $15 in free to play coins.

golden hearts casino review promo code-voucher

Apart from this welcome pack, you have the “Alternative Method of Entry”(AMOE). You can request an additional bonus code through it. We have covered the steps required to do so later in this Golden Hearts Casino review. Plus, if you decide to purchase a coin bundle, you will get a 100% increase with your first purchase.

Quick Facts

Established: 2020
Owner Golden Hearts Games Inc.
Sports No
Purchase Methods Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, GPay, Apple Pay
Redeem Methods PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check, Giftcard
Minimum Points Redemption N/A
Redeem Time 2 to up to 10 business days
Games Slots, Table Games, Bingo, Scratch cards

mr sweepstakes information

Golden Hearts Casino is a combination of a sweepstakes casino and charity. It gives players the ability to help people, while keeping the sweeps features such as coins, bonuses and others. It’s popular and admired in the USA exactly due to its diligence to help others. The brand was established in 2019. It’s located in Boston, Massachusetts.

What can you expect from this gaming website? Can you claim Golden Hearts Coins for free? How do you claim sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus? In this review we will answer all of your questions regarding Golden Hearts Games.

golden hearts homepage interface

Golden Hearts Casino Homepage Navigation Interface 

Legitimacy & Security

  • Golden Hearts Games Casino is owned and operated by the company Golden Hearts Games Inc.
  • The Golden Hearts Games brand works with the Givinga Foundation, which is a public charity organization.
  • The website of the Golden Hearts platform is secured by SSL encryption protocols, and other cyber-security systems.
  • The company was launched in 2019, but the charity sweepstakes casino opened in August 2020.
  • The charities and organizations Golden Hearts Games works with are fully compliant with IRS laws and regulations.

NOTE: Golden Hearts follows transparent business practices. All information regarding what they do with the received donations is directly available on their site for any user to view. For the time being, the casino has funded more than 54,000 non profit charities.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Purchases go to charity of your choice
  • Bingo games
  • Generous Sign up Bonus
  • No immediate Live Chat
  • Slow withdrawal speed

Golden Hearts Casino Currencies Explained

Golden Hearts follows the standard model of sweepstake casinos, but it introduces its own virtual currency. The first type of currency is known as Golden Hearts Coins (GHC for short). It has no monetary value but it is used to play the games in the casino for fun. The second type of currency is the well known USD dollar – but note that you can’t use it to play games in the casino.

You can see both currency balances at the upper right corner of your screen. The way the system works is that while you’re playing games using the GHC, your winnings (such as winning a round, spin or hand in any of the games), will be added to the USD balance. Then, you can redeem your winnings for real cash rewards.

Golden Hearts Casino Bonus Offers

Golden Hearts Games is known to give promotions revolving around free GHC and bundle discounts. Below we will cover all the ways you can claim GHC – both paid and for free.

Exclusive Welcome Bonus

On the account creation form, there is a specific field that allows you to input a bonus code when signing-up for the first time. Use “MRSWEEP” to get an exclusive bonus. It will give you an extra boost for your first donation – for donating $10, you will get an additional $15 in free to play coins.


golden hearts review promo code welcome offer

Golden Hearts – Exclusive Welcome Bonus Offer

Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE)

If you don’t want to buy any bundles, you can still request another sweepstakes bonus codes. The casino will ask that you send a 3×5 inch card to their headquarters. The card must contain your first and last name, email address, physical mailing address, and phone number.

You must place it in a stamped return envelope with the correct postage. Players have to send this letter to the following address:

Golden Hearts Games Inc.
Attn: AMOE Submission
P.O. Box 20805
Worcester, MA 01602

After Golden Hearts have successfully received your letter, they will send you back a special redemption code that will grant you 5,250 GHC. There is an entire information section on what to avoid when preparing your AMOE letter. If the instructions are not followed correctly, the social casino won’t send you a promotional code.

Refer a Friend Promotion

If you invite a friend and they make a donation of at least $10, you will get 5,000 Golden Hearts Coins.

To do that, you will have to visit the referral program of Golden Hearts Casino, and copy the special link provided to you. If your friend registers an account using your link and makes a successful donation, you will receive a credit of 5,000 GHC.

NOTE: Golden Hearts Casino may increase the reward by up to 25,000 coins.

refer a friend bonus golden hearts

Refer a Friend Promotion – Golden Hearts Casino

Golden Hearts Casino Daily Bonus Wheel

A free way to gain more coins is through the Daily Bonus Wheel. You get to spin it once every 24 hours, and you can earn up to 2,500 GHC. Note that there is a specific time interval within the day in which you should spin the wheel. If you miss this countdown, you have to wait for another 24 hours in order for the wheel to reset.

daily bonus wheel golden hearts

Daily Bonus Wheel Golden Hearts Casino 

Golden Hearts Casino Game Library

The Golden Hearts Casino library is rather limited. It offers only 15 games to choose from. You can still win rewards from all of them, and there is variety such as slots, table games, instant wins and bingo games.


There are currently 8 slots in total at Golden Hearts:

  • King Lootecashin’s Lost Treasure Slots
  • Old School Slots
  • Palace of Riches Slots
  • Rock Dog Slots
  • Frantic Fish Slots
  • Pirate’s Looty Slots
  • Monster Moolah Slots
  • Lucky Stars Slots

What’s interesting about the slots of Golden Hearts Games is their visual orientation. All of them look good on a mobile device because they play in portrait mode.

golden hearts games slots

Golden Hearts Social Casino Games 

Cash of the Titans Slots

The newest slot title in the catalog of Golden Hearts Casino, Cash of the Titans Slots, incorporates the commonly used ancient Greek theme. The game features 16 paylines and 12 paying symbols, along with 2x multiplier and bonus round icons.

The last one serves as a scatter, landing 3 of it results in a free spins round. Below you can find a breakdown of each symbol’s payout for a bet of 100 coins.

  • Grand: 12,500
  • Major: 5,000
  • Minor: 2,500
  • Zeus: 2,000
  • Aphrodite: 1,500
  • Poseidon: 1,000
  • Hades: 500
  • Medusa: 200
  • Hydra: 150
  • Chimera: 100
  • Cyclops: 50
  • Minotaur: 20

The minimum bet is set to 50 coins, while the max bet is 5,000. What we found a bit strange is that we couldn’t find the RTP of the game.

cash of the titans slots paytable

Cash of the Titans Slots Paytable 

Table Games

Currently, there is only one game that falls into this genre, and it is the sweepstakes blackjack. Just like the slots, it is also designed in portrait mode.

Instant Wins

There are a few more titles when it comes to instant-win games. Those are:

In this category, you can win up to $2,500.

Golden Hearts Bingo

One of the main “selling points” of Golden Hearts as a gaming platform, is its sweepstakes bingo. In fact, when you visit the website, it’s one of the first things you see. All Bingo prizes will be paid out in USD, and depending on the game, you can grab a prize of $10, $25, and more.

Golden Hearts Bingo rounds are hosted regularly, and if you wish to participate, you will need to use your coins to purchase a bundle of bingo cards. The available bundles are:

  • 8 cards for 120 GHC
  • 16 cards for 240 GHC
  • 32 cards for 480 GHC
  • 100 cards for 1,500 GHC

golden herats casino bingo game

Bingo Golden Hearts 

Game Providers

All of the gaming titles found in Golden Hearts Games Casino are made by the operator’s proprietary software development studio. Given the charitable nature of the platform, it is understandable why the brand doesn’t incorporate games that are made by other companies.

UI & Navigation

The site of the sweepstakes casino has a simplistic design, with the intent to make it easy to navigate and understand. Both visitors and registered members will have the same view of the site in regards to content, besides the profile settings button in the upper right corner – which is available only for logged in users of the social casino site.

Golden Hearts Casino offers a lot of information about how the website works. In addition to the T&C and Privacy Section Policy sections located at the bottom, visitors can learn more about the brand’s Philanthropic Partner Coalition, Game Rules, and FAQ section.

Mobile App

All games are designed with mobile compatibility in mind. Thus, there isn’t a downloadable app available. Whether you’re using a mobile device running on Android or iOS, you can log in through your favorite browser and play.

golden hearts social casino mobile version of website

Mobile Interface – Golden Hearts 

Golden Hearts Games Restricted States

Golden Hearts Casino is allowed in all jurisdictions of the USA. However, they have certain requirements for age in some States. The website’s rules clearly state that any resident of the US can play in Golden Hearts, as long as they are 18 years of age.

People who reside in Alabama and Nebraska need to be at least 19 years old, while residents of Mississippi and Puerto Rico (the latter being a US territory) must be at least 21 to join and play.

Purchasing Coins & Redeeming Prizes

If you wish to make a donation to a charity, you can do so by purchasing a bundle of coins. There are four bundles in total, and members can use the following bank methods to buy them:

  • G Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

coins balance golden hearts sweeps casino

Golden Hearts Coin Balance 

NOTE: Golden Hearts Casino will charge credit card fees. The size of the charges will be determined by the amount of money you decide to spend. Furthermore, when you’re making a purchase, you can use any prize money you have in your GH balance, and add it to the transaction itself.

Coin Store Explained

To access the store, open up your profile’s settings, and choose “Get Coins”. A window will pop out, and offer you the following bundles:

  • 56,250 GHC for $100
  • 30,300 GHC for $50
  • 17,600 GHC for $25
  • 10,000 GHC for $10

Once you complete the purchase, you will get your coins automatically into your account.

coin store goldenhearts casino

Golden Hearts Casino – Package Store

Transaction History

Click on the “Redeem” tab in your account menu and then on the “Transaction History” link, and you” open a pretty useful feature. Here you can check in details of each coin transaction, including bonuses and purchases. There are also numerous filtering criteria, like showing only daily login bonus casino, donations, game winnings, and many more.

Yearly Summaries

Another useful feature available when opening the “Redeem” menu are the Yearly Summaries. Here you can see an overview of your early donations and redemptions, so you can easily make the calculation on whether you are on profit from the social casino.

Golden Hearts Casino Donation Bonus

In a bid to encourage charitable donation, the social casino gives a 100% coin match bonus for every donation made through the coin store. This means that regardless of the size of the bundle you’ve decided to purchase, you will be given twice the coins. For example, after a first-time purchase, the coin shop will then look like this:

  • $100 for 180,000 GHC
  • $50 for 70,000 GHC
  • $25 for 30,000 GHC
  • $10 for 10,500 GHC

Redemption Process

If you eventually want to claim your winnings and redeem the virtual currency for real cash prizes, you first have to choose between the given banking methods:

  • PayPal
  • DIrect Bank Transfer
  • Paper check

You can also redeem a minimum of $5 in gift card form, from one of Golden Hearts’ partners – Prizeout. Players need to remember that if they are looking to redeem their winnings, they should also expect processing fees ($0.50 for PayPal transactions less than $25; $1.75 for paper checks with a value of less than $100).

Golden Hearts Casino Redemption Time

The time interval through which Golden Hearts process your redemption depends on your chosen redemption method. Paypal and Digital Gift Cards take 2 business days, whereas Bank Transfers take up to 5 business days. If you choose to redeem via Paper Check, the process will be a bit slower – up to 10 business days.


  • Min Purchase: $10
  • Min Redemption: $5
  • Maximum Purchase: $100
  • Maximum Redemption: N/A

Creating an Account at Golden Hearts Casino

Creating an account requires only a few steps. First you need to click on the blue “Join Now” button.

Then you need to provide the casino some basic information about yourself, such as your name and address (as stated in your official ID) and agree to their Terms & Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.

Before finalizing your account registration, you will be prompted to select a favorite charity of your choice. After your account gets verified you will get redirected to a page with different charity organizations you can choose to support.

The listed charities will be ones located in your residential State, however, if you wish to support other charities, all you have to do is tick off the box on the top left side of the menu. This way, charities from legal online casinos will start appearing as well.

account verification message golden hearts

Successfully Verified Account Message Golden Hearts Casino

Customer Support

Support email: [email protected]

If you have a specific question regarding the website or the sweepstakes slots, there are a number of ways you can get assistance.
The first thing you can do is access the “contact us” section under your profile’s settings menu.

Once you do, the website will redirect you to the Golden Hearts Games help center, where you can choose between different topics and submit a request. If none of the topics from the dropdown menu apply to your inquiry, click on the yellow “help” button at the bottom right corner of your screen to engage the website’s chatbot.

While the AI resembles a live customer support representative, Golden Hearts Casino doesn’t have a live chat feature. If none of the answers provided by the chatbot do you any good, then the best thing to do is to send the casino an email.


Golden Hearts Casino combines sweepstakes casino and charity. It prompts the players to be charitable, while also giving them the option to cash out prize rewards and play games for free. Although it’s limited on the number of games it offers, it does offer a variety among them.

It doesn’t hold back on the cashing out methods either – there are several methods to use including PayPal. Their FAQ page is length-worthy as well, but in case of a specific issue, the user can always contact the casino directly by email.

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Casino FAQ

Of course! If you don’t want to make any monetary donations, you can request a “Golden Hearts coins redemption code”. You can do so by writing a physical card, and sending it to the casino’s headquarters in Massachusetts. You can get the full details of the process by visiting the website’s help center and searching for “Alternative Method of Entry” (or AMOE).

Excluding the AMOE method, you can log in daily to spin the GH Bonus Wheel. You can earn up to 2,500 Golden Hearts coins; however, always pay close attention to the reset timer, as if you miss your window of spinning the wheel, you will need to wait another 24 hours.

It is, in every sense of the word. Golden Hearts works with thousands of USA charities that are fully compliant with IRS regulations nationwide.

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