Golden Hearts Casino Bonus Codes

Your adventure at Golden Hearts Casino starts with a deposit match. This is given to players so they have some Unplayed and Redeemable Coins to enjoy the games on the site. As a social casino, Golden Hearts Casino gives you two gaming modes where you can play for fun or win real-life prizes.

That you cannot buy sweepstakes means you have to keep an eye out for bonuses and giveaways. Finding rewards like these can be a tall order, but not when you have reviews like these where we discuss one of the best Golden Hearts Casino bonus codes.

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Golden Hearts Games Casino

How Golden Hearts Casino Works?

Golden Hearts Casino is a social casino with an inclination to charity. You can play casino games and still make donations to causes you would like to support. As one of the most popular sweepstake casinos, the platform offers an ambiance that is as good as you get from a standard casino.

Members of the casino can play Golden Hearts Unplayed Coins for free. These are given to you when you sign up for the casino. Golden Hearts Unplayed Coins carry no monetary value and cannot be redeemed. You can buy Unplayed Coins when these run out, as you get different packages.

The second virtual currency you can play at the casino is Sweep Coins, referred to as Golden Hearts Redeemable Coins. These carry a monetary value. Collect these to redeem different types of rewards.

Golden Hearts Redeemable Coins carry a dollar value of 1 coin for $0.002, translating to 2,500 Sweeps Coins for a payout of $5. Sweep Coins are playable for real-life prizes on gift cards, among others. Play games using Sweep Coins, win, and collect rewards through convenient banking options.

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Holden Hearts Casino Games Lobby

Golden Hearts Casino Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus at Golden Hearts Casino doubles your first donation of $10 so that you get $10 of Golden Hearts Coins. Players who sign up for the casino with no bonus code get this standard bonus when they make their first donation.

Get the best Golden Hearts Casino bonus codes offer. Make your first purchase of Golden Hearts coins using our bonus code MRSWEEP and get an extra $5 on the bonus. This is the first of the rewards you can look forward to when you sign up for the casino.

Claiming the reward requires you to follow some steps. Here is the complete process of collecting the bonus reward. Load Golden Hearts casino on your browser:

  1. Click on the blue ‘Join Now‘ button at the top right corner of the page to register for the casino.
  2. Fill in the personal information required by the casino.
  3. Enter the bonus code MRSWEEP in the bonus code section.
  4. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions.
  5. Finish the signup process by clicking ‘Join Now‘ at the bottom of the signup form.

Other Golden Hearts Bonus Rewards

Aside from the bonus you get when you make your first purchase of coins, you also have other rewards to claim at the casino. Social casinos often give players many rewards with which they can claim game coins and sweep coins. Golden Hearts Games offers players a gamut of rewards and giveaways that add Golden Hearts unplayed and redeemable coins to your account:

Daily Log-in Credits

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Daily Login Bonus – Lucky Wheel

There is a bonus waiting for you every 24 hours at the casino. Your daily bonus comes in the form of a spin on the lucky wheel. The wheel holds different kinds of prizes, and your reward for the day is revealed when the wheel comes to a stop. Members can claim up to 2,500 Unplayed Coins on the lucky spin.


Golden Hearts adds the social aspect to online wagering and gives you the chance to add coins to your bankroll through referrals.

Earn up to 5,000 unplayed coins when a player you refer to the casino joins and makes an initial donation of $10. Make sure to give your friends your unique referral code with which they join the casino.

Bingo Tournaments

In addition to the slots and table at the social casino, Golden Hearts Games also offers Bingo tournaments that run every 10 minutes. While you don’t need real money to play the tournaments, you can win real prizes that go up to $250.

Use your bounty of Unplayed Coins to join the tournaments, and you get anything from 8 to 16, 32, or 100 cards.

All you have to do is clear a line before any other player, and the top prize is yours. Players who do not clinch the big prizes get rewards of $10 and up for their adept gameplay.

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Bingo Zone – Golden Hearts Games

Can I Win Real Money on Golden Hearts Games Bonus Codes?

Golden Hearts Casino offers a decent line of bonus rewards that make it easier to play at the casino. You can always look forward to having a bonus reward you will like. Many of the bonus rewards at the casino will win you Unplayed Coins that keep you spinning the reels and playing the virtual tables.

Players also have rewards that award them with Redeemable Coins. Play these once to redeem them for cash and gift cards. Casino members have to keep checking the promotions page to see what new rewards they get.


Golden Hearts Casino keeps players enjoying slots and other casino games while giving back to honorable causes. You get to pick what charity you make a donation to.

The range of promotions is decent, and redeeming your coins is fast and easy. Players who sign up for the casino will find the games and ambiance captivating, as are the rewards. Today we demonstrated you one of the best Golden Hearts Casino bonus codes, so you can boost your account even more.

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