Golden Hearts Games Coins

Golden Hearts is a sweepstake online casino with a charitable angle to social gaming. Play here and help different charities reach their humanitarian goals. In addition to the good you do, as you play at the casino, you also have prizes to claim through the Golden Hearts Games Coins that make it worthwhile when you sign up.

Like any other online social casino, Golden Hearts Casino offers players two gaming modes. Members can play either of the modes with sweep coins or game coins. We delve into these two and tell you what they are and how to use them as you play at the casino.

What Are Golden Hearts Game Coins?

This is the virtual currency this social casino utilizes, so you can play games and redeem prizes.

Like any other social casino, Golden Hearts Games offers a virtual currency of its own. The currency is divided into unplayed and redeemable coins. These two carry different connotations, determining whether you are playing for cash prizes or fun.

golden hearts games coins

Golden Hearts Games Coins

Golden Hearts Coins – Unplayed

The first of these are the Golden Hearts Coins marked as Unplayed. These are named that way since you cannot win any prizes when playing with them. Players who know a thing or two about social casinos know that sites like these will give game coins, which are quite different from Sweeps Coins.

In this case, the casino offers GHC with the tag ‘unplayed‘ to signify that these are not regarded as real currency. Players can buy Golden Hearts Coins as the casino offers them in different packages. Purchase one of these and get redeemable coins as a free gift.

Golden Hearts Coins – Redeemable

The second variant of coins will win you prizes at the casino if you can collect enough of these to redeem as cash or gift cards. These are named Golden Hearts Coins, tagged as Redeemable .

Golden Hearts Casino essentially offers these as sweepstakes, each corresponding to a dollar value. Each redeemable Golden Hearts coin you collect is worth $0.002, which amounts to 2,500 coins for $5.00 in real money.

Players should note that they cannot buy Golden Hearts redeemable coins. These can only be given as rewards, giveaways, and tokens. Players have different ways to collect these coins besides playing them in games. Bonuses like the Refer-your-friend reward are some of the promotions you can expect when collecting Golden Hearts coins from the casino.


golden hearts games charities

Charities – Golden Hearts Games Casino

Golden Hearts Casino adds a bit of humanitarian assistance to its list of features. Players who register to this online casino can donate to IRS-approved charities across the US that serve different causes. The number of charities supported by the casino currently stands at 44,000.

These organizations receive donations of over 10 million dollars from the casino. The casino offers different packages where you buy coins specifically for donation purposes.

Prices start at 10,000 Unplayed Coins for $10 and go up to 108,000 Unplayed Coins for $100. The initiative is heart-warming, and the casino shares footage of it delivering donations to different charities for all its members to see.


Golden Hearts Casino is a social casino that lives up to its name in every sense of the word. Here, you get to play and support charities you hold dear. With Golden Hearts Coins either Unplayed and Redeemable to go for, players should brace themselves for the amazing time they are about to have.

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