Golden Hearts Casino Redemption Code

Golden Hearts Casino is a social online casino that offers hundreds of casino-style games. These are coupled with a charity drive where the casino offers its members a chance to make donations to charities they support. With slots, bingo, poker, and scratch cards, the casino has a lot of amazing selections for players to take part in. Play for fun or get Sweepstakes that win you real prizes. In this review, we tell you about the welcome bonus and other rewards, as well as how to get your winnings through the Golden Hearts casino redemption code.

golden hearts games casino

Golden Hearts Games Casino

The Golden Hearts Games Welcome Bonus

Sweepstake casinos are only referred to as such since you don’t have to spend money to play casino games.

That way, players would need a no deposit welcome bonus to start playing at the casino. Golden Hearts Games offers a welcome bonus that gifts you 1,000 Unplayable Coins to start your exploration of the casino.

You don’t need an opt-in to claim the reward, and it is credited to your account as soon as you are done signing up. The bonus comes with the bonus code ‘WELCOME 2023.’

This is the very first of the perks you get at the casino. While you don’t get any free spins, the coins you land are sure to keep you playing for a good while before you need to make a purchase.

More Bonuses at Golden Hearts Games

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Golden Hearts Refer a Friend 

Golden Hearts Games offers a wide gamut of promotions that will win you Golden Hearts Redeemable Coins. These are available all over the casino’s socials and on the promotions page as well. Here are some of the promotions to look forward to:

  • Refer-a-friend: Grab 5,000 Unplayed Coins when you refer your friends to the casino. Your referred friends have to make a minimum donation of at least $10 and use your referral link when signing up.
  • Daily Bonus: Spin the lucky wheel every 24 hours to win up to 2,500 Unplayed Coins. Your lucky spin is always ready each day you log in to the casino.
  • Get $15 when you spend $10: With the exclusive Mr. Sweepstakes bonus offer, this is one of the sweetest deals you will find at the casino. Make a donation of $10 and get $15 worth of Redeemable Coins to play on any of the games at the casino. This offer gives you an additional $5 to the standard offer.

How to Redeem Your Prizes

After playing games at the casino and collecting redeemable coins, it is time to claim these. You need at least 5,000 Redeemable Coins to apply for any prizes. Redeemable coins carry a value of $0.002 per coin, which translates to 2,500 coins for $5.

You can claim gift cards, which take two days to process or claim real cash, which processes in 10 days. You can make your withdrawals through PayPal, a physical cheque, or direct bank transfer.

Simply click on the redeem option on your profile page to start the process and select gift card or cash to start the process. Follow the prompts, and you should have your withdrawal processed.

golden hearts redemption

Golden Hearts Casino Redemption


Golden Hearts Games is an exciting sweepstakes casino with all the fun games you can ask for. That you also support charities as you play is a nice touch from the casino.

Sign up for the site, and you will be pleased to find out just how quick this is. With a good payout rate, players can trust the casino to pay out their winnings no matter in what form they claim them.

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