Hard Rock Social Casino App

Today we will introduce you to the Hard Rock Social Casino App and explain to you all the differences between it and the considerably new Hard Rock Social Casino site.

Hard Rock has established itself as a trustworthy brand liked by many. Interestingly enough, they have also decided to branch out into the social casino world as well. Although their site is still new, only a few know that the apps it’s based on have existed for quite a while.

hard rock social casino mobile app

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino – Mobile App Interface

How to Download Hard Rock Social Casino App?

You can download the Hard Rock Casino App through Google Play Store and the App Store. The name of the app is called Hard Rock Jackpot Casino on both platforms.

In this article, we took the time to analyze the site and the app. We aim to inform you about the similarities and differences and the Pros & Cons, so you can make the best decision.


From the get-go, you can notice that the interface on both the site and the app is the same. You pretty much get the exact same layout and the same games. Of course, the mobile app has been resized and optimized to fit the user’s device as best as possible.

The gameplay of the sweepstakes games also feels the same – you won’t have a hard time getting around. Everything is in the same place, and anytime you get confused, you can refer to the menu of the current game you’re playing so it explains how exactly it works and what bonuses you can get from it.

1- free games won hard rock socila casino mobile

10 Free Games Won – Slot Game Feature Hard Rock 


Surprisingly there are some differences worth mentioning. We begin with the fact that the mobile app comes with a “Leaderboard” button. Users can compete with other players, which adds to the fun of the social part of the casino.

Another thing worth mentioning is that they’ve already developed the “Missions” tab to its full potential – The Explorer, Expert, and Battles tabs are all available in missions – and let’s not forget that the rewards for completion are noticeably higher than the site.

On the other hand, the site gives out more free Gold Coins than the app – this has been noticed not only by us but also by other players posting their reviews on the app providers.

Still, the welcome bonus for the site is 300,000 GC, while it is only 200,000 GC for the app.

out of coins message at hard rock social casino mobile app

Out of Coins Message – Mobile App Hard Rock 

The app has two extra features that the PC version has yet to see. One of the features is a “Social” button that directly allows you to chat with other players. We’re still determining why only the app has it, but it sure is a welcomed feature. The other add-on is bonus related – besides the bonus spins we’re all familiar with and the interesting mini-games, there’s also a disk bonus, where you can choose between three records, each giving you a GC bonus. Hopefully, we will see those features added to the Hard Rock Social Casino site soon.

Pros & Cons

In this section, we will cover the Pros & Cons of each platform so you can better understand how they differ.

Hard Rock Social Casino Site
+ Best option for PC users
+ New
+ Gets updated frequently

-Lacks “Social” components

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino (Android)
+ Best option for Android users
+ Daily Missions
+ Smaller in Size than other Social Casino Apps

-Users complain about bugs and glitches

Hard Rock Jackpot Casino (iOS)
+ Best option for iOS users
+ Well optimized
+ Regularly Updated

-Slower leveling up than other options

hard rock casino additional features mobile app

Additional Features Mobile Application – Hard Rock Jackpot Casino

Other Options

Hard Rock has produced many different social casino apps related to the brand. Each one of them has differences among each other, and they have nothing in common with the official Hard Rock Social Casino site. Still, if you’d like to explore the different variety of apps this casino has to offer, you could also check out:

  • Hard Rock Blackjack & Casino – Best alternative choice
  • Hard Rock Sports & Casino NJ
  • Hard Rock Sportsbook
  • Seminole Social Casino
  • Hard Rock World Tour
  • Hard Rock Dice Party
  • Hard Rock Slots & Casino
  • Hard Rock Adventures
  • Hard Rock Sportsbook Iowa


No matter which option you choose, know that you won’t miss out on much since the different casino versions operate similarly and have the same games. It’s all about which option is most comfortable for you as a user. Still, we hope that with this article, you understand the difference between all these options better and can choose for yourself. With that, have fun and good luck!

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