Louisiana’s Gaming Industry Hits New Heights with Record Revenues in December

Louisiana’s gaming sector, encompassing both sports betting and casino operations, concluded 2023 on a high note, setting new revenue records across various segments.

In December, the state not only posted a record sports betting handle but also saw significant growth in riverboat casino revenues, showcasing the vibrant nature of its gaming industry.

In the sports betting arena, Louisiana achieved a record handle of $377.0 million in December, surpassing the previous month’s record by 5.7% and marking a substantial 48.0% increase over December 2022.

This impressive figure includes $344.9 million in online bets and an additional $32.1 million from retail sportsbooks. The revenue from sports betting reached an all-time monthly high of $55.8 million in December, beating the former record set in October 2023 by 28.9%.

Online sports wagering alone contributed $51.3 million to this total after promotional deductions, with retail revenue adding another $4.5 million.

Tax revenue generated from this activity amounted to $7.6 million, signifying a substantial contribution to the state’s coffers.

Over the year, the handle from January to December amounted to an impressive $1.60 billion, comprising $1.45 billion from online betting and $156.6 million from retail wagers.

In terms of casino operations, Louisiana’s riverboat casinos led the charge. The state, home to 14 riverboats, saw these venues collectively outperform racinos, land-based casinos, and sports betting in revenue generation.

lousiana riverboat casino

Louisiana’s Riverboat Casino

December witnessed a 21.5% increase in revenue for the Lake Charles region, with Shreveport/Bossier, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans also reporting significant gains.

The cumulative revenue for all casinos in Louisiana for December was $158.2 million, a 12.5% increase from November 2023.

Racino revenue in December also outpaced the growth of riverboat revenue, with a 16.3% increase compared to the latter’s 12.5%. Delta Downs led the racinos in revenue, posting a notable 20.1% growth over November.

Louisiana’s sole land-based casino, Harrah’s New Orleans, also reported a strong performance. The flagship property generated $24.7 million in December, marking significant increases from both the previous month and December 2022.

The collective performance of Louisiana’s gaming sector, including sports betting and various casino operations, reflects a robust and growing industry.

With the state setting new records in both sports betting handle and casino revenues, it’s clear that Louisiana’s gaming market is thriving, contributing significantly to the state’s economy.

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