SIS and bet365 Launch Fixed-Odds Horseracing in Colorado

In a pioneering move that positions Colorado at the forefront of the evolving US sports betting landscape, SIS Content Services, a division of the Sports Information Services Group, has partnered with global betting giant bet365 to introduce fixed-odds horseracing wagering to the state. This landmark deal marks the first time fixed-odds horserace betting has been made available on a licensed platform in the United States, promising to significantly enhance the horseracing betting experience for Colorado bettors.

The collaboration brings SIS’s extensive horseracing services, featuring nearly 140 races from around the globe, including high-profile events like the Saudi Cup and the Dubai World Cup, to bet365’s platform. These races represent a broad spectrum of international horseracing, covering countries such as Chile, Ireland, Australia, and the US, thereby offering bettors in Colorado a diverse betting catalog comparable to other sports.

Michele Fischer, Vice President of SIS Content Services, highlighted the significance of this initiative, noting its potential to put horseracing on equal footing with other sports, thereby attracting a new fan base and generating additional revenue for racetrack partners. Fischer’s remarks underscore the ambition behind the deal: to broaden the appeal of horseracing and to leverage fixed-odds betting as a catalyst for growth within the sport.




This initiative is poised to benefit several key stakeholders in Colorado’s horseracing ecosystem, including Bally’s Arapahoe Park and the Colorado Horsemen’s Association. A portion of the earnings from this new betting format will be redirected to support horseracing in Colorado, fostering a more sustainable future for the sport. According to Shannon Ruston, executive director of operations and racing at Bally’s Arapahoe Park, this commercial framework is designed to benefit local racing and secure a better future for the racing ecosystem in Colorado.

Kim Oliver, President of the Colorado Horsemen’s Association, emphasized the economic viability that fixed-odds betting will bring to horseracing in the state. By introducing a new revenue stream and increasing exposure for the sport, fixed-odds betting is expected to invigorate the sector, benefiting owners, trainers, and the broader racing community.

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The introduction of fixed-odds betting by bet365 is anticipated to have a positive impact in Colorado, mirroring the success of similar betting formats in other markets. As sports betting continues to gain traction across the US, this initiative is seen as a significant step towards enhancing engagement with horseracing, offering bettors a familiar betting experience akin to that of other sports.

This strategic partnership between SIS Content Services and bet365 not only signifies a major milestone in the expansion of sports betting in the US but also sets a new precedent for the integration of horseracing into sports wagering catalogs nationwide. With the backing of the Colorado Division of Gaming and the support of local horseracing stakeholders, this venture is celebrated as a pivotal moment in the pursuit of a vibrant and economically viable horseracing industry in Colorado.

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