What is a Unity Card? How to Become an Icon Member at Hard Rock Social Casino?

Today we will cover the topic of Unity Cards and how to become an Icon Member at Hard Rock Social Casino. We know that there is little information regarding those special cards online and many of you probably need clarification about their usage, so we took the time to explain everything available that is to be known about them.

What is a Unity Card?

According to the official Hard Rock Site, Unity Cards are a special loyalty program that they wanted to create based on the Hard Rock Universe. Their goal is to offer you a more rewarding and personalized experience through a unified program unlike any other. Besides the online social casino, the cards can also be used for real casino promotions and events, entertainment, hotels, shopping, and more! In short, this card has many benefits outside of the online world, but we won’t dive deep into those today.

unity cards interace at hard rock casino

Unity Cards at Hard Rock Social Casino – Link Account 

The Different Types of Cards

Currently, there are four different types of CARDS that you can claim and use at Hard Rock:

  • Star – The star Unity Card is based on the existing until now Premier Wild Card. It’s considered tier 1, and it uses credits between 0 – 3,999. It includes discounts, presale access, offers, gifts, and more.
  • Legend – Similar to the above case, it used to be an Elite Wild Card, considered tier 2, and uses credits between 4,000 – 14,999. Legend members get everything Star members enjoy, including member-only hotel rates, special cafe benefits, etc.
  • Icon – Used to be Rock Royalty; it’s the best card you can easily get your hands on. It’s tier 3 and uses credits that are 15,000+. Icons get everything Legends do, plus priority treatment in the casino and VIP hotel-lounge access.
  • X – The name of this card didn’t change. It’s the highest tier you can get – tier 4. Sadly, this card is invite-only, so you can’t get your hands on it that easily. This card is all about exclusivity, personalized service, the best hotel rooms, and your special requests granted. X members can see the world through the lens of a VIP at Hard Rock.

What are the Benefits of Being a Hard Rock Social Casino Member?

Becoming a member at Hard Rock also has its benefits regarding its social casino. Those benefits include:

  • Earning 50 000 Free Gold Coins upon Unity Card linking
  • XCARD and Icon members get unlimited access to High Limit Rooms with exclusive content
  • Access to special offers within the Rewards Center

high limit room access

Ways to Access High Limit Room – Purchase, Redeem or Unity Membership Card

How Do I Become a Member?

In order to become a member, you need to visit the Unity by Hard Rock site and make a registration there by providing your email address, a password, and your name. Giving your phone number is optional. After that, you need to verify your account by checking your email inbox and following the link that they provide you. You’ll then be prompted to log in, and once you do so, you’ll get a little introduction regarding what Unity is all about. After this, you need to bring a valid photo ID to any of their participating locations to validate your account. Once you complete all the steps, you can claim your very own Unity Card.

How Do I Link my Unity Card to Hard Rock Social Casino?

In order to link your card to the social casino, you should load up the site, then click on the cards icon in the top right corner (right next to the Loyalty Points), then select “CLICK HERE”. You’ll then be prompted to fill in your Hard Rock Unity Card Number. Select your property and fill in your DOB (Date of Birth). After that, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your new benefits.

fill out form for steps required to link your unity card at hard rock social casino

Link Your Hard Rock Unity Card Form


Unity by Hard Rock is just another way for them to reward their most loyal users. Although very tempting, it would be more fitting for someone who plans to use Hard Rock’s offers to the fullest. If you are planning on just having fun in the social casino, maybe this offer is not for you. Whether or not you decide to become a Loyal Member – remember to have fun and play safely.

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