What is Plinko and How to Play and Win at Stake.us?

Stake.us is the USA version of Stake.com and is rapidly gaining popularity among sweepstakes & social casino lovers. The casino’s interface is the same compared to its predecessor, but it lacks sports betting, and the number of games is significantly lower than stake.com. This doesn’t impact the online sweepstakes casino experience as the Stake team carefully selected the most popular game titles.

Stake.us offers one game, which is so popular mainly among high rollers and inpatient players that we’ve created an article highlighting this basic game of chance – Plinko. We’ll explain the origin, the rules of the game, and more details on how to play it on Stake.us.

stake us original games

Stake.us Originals Games 

Is Plinko the Grandfather of Today’s slots?

Plinko, or Pachinko, is a simple game involving a vertical board, balls, pins, sections, and rewards. The game can be traced back to the 19th century in Japan, where even today it has huge popularity.

Nowadays, arcade rooms worldwide almost always have Pachinko machines in their arsenal, bringing positive emotions to players.

This game has likely influenced today’s sweeps slots as we can see similarities like falling mechanics, prizes, and sectors.

Stake.us – Plinko

Stake’s Plinko is a quick-paced game where users can wager thousands of Stake Cash in a matter of seconds. Stake Us Plinko was developed by the experienced in-house team named “Stake Originals“. Currently, Stake.us offers a total of 18 fast-paced games in its Stake Originals game lobby, like Crash, Mines, Limbo, and sweepstakes Keno.

Stake us Plinko is a straightforward game with simple gameplay that everyone can get from the first attempt. However, let’s dive into the interface and understand how to play Plinko.

If you are a mobile stake.us user, you will see the options for Plinko below the vertical board with pins.

By default, the game will start as 16 columns, the most volatile version of the Stake.us Plinko. Users can switch the columns from 8 to 16 depending on their preferred gameplay.

The game is a real lifesaver for users that want to play sweepstakes casino games in an idle mode where all you need to set is the bet amount and adjust the “risk” dropdown.

To win the biggest prizes, users need to hope for a ball to get into the outer columns of the Plinko Board, where the biggest multipliers are located. You probably guessed already that the balls commonly fall in the middle section of the board where the prizes are the smallest.

The best part of Stake Plinko is that it is completely fair with 99% RTP and also provably fair, meaning that the game adopts a system that allows players to verify every outcome.

plinko game stake us

Stake.us Plinko Game – Short Description 

Helpful Tips to Win on Stake.us Plinko

We’ve watched this game played by the biggest high rollers on the streaming platforms, and we wanted to share some advices that may help you maximize your winnings and control your losses. These tips do help, especially when you consider them before and during play.

Here is the list with helpful tips you can use when playing Plinko at Stake.us

  1. Always set a budget and try to stay within it, as with Plinko, users can go over the set threshold without even noticing it. Pay attention to your balance and quit if you start losing more than you can afford.
  2. As with every game of chance, you must be patient when playing Plinko. Start small and try to stay in the game until you hit a decent multiplier. This will allow you to increase the bet amount or play with more columns where the big multipliers live.
  3. Play on low volatility mode and lower columns until you get used to the pace. This may save you some Stake Cash and prepare you for a longer session.
  4. Have fun! Users often play the game because it can wager big amounts of Stake Cash for a short time and forget to have fun, which is one of the most important factors when playing games in sweepstakes casinos.
  5. Only spam balls if you can afford them. Stake.us Plinko can spam dozens of balls at the same time. This approach is used by high rollers and inpatient players that want to save time and win fast. However, this advanced way of playing Plinko can waste thousands of Stake Cash in a few minutes.

plinko game interface stakeusa

Plinko Game Interface 

Bottom Line

Plinko has become a favorite instant win game among high rollers and casual players with its easy-to-understand mechanics and provably fair system. Stake.us Plinko offers an exciting and fast-paced gaming experience for sweepstakes and social casino enthusiasts.

By following our helpful tips, such as setting a budget, being patient, starting with low volatility modes, and remembering to have fun, you can enhance your chances of winning and maintain control over their losses.

Stake.us provides a thrilling and engaging platform for you to enjoy Plinko, a game that has likely influenced the development of today’s slot machines. So why not give it a try and test your luck? Remember to play responsibly and make the most of your Plinko experience at Stake us.

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