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Step into a winter wonderland with Diamond Bounty Xmas: Hold and Win, the latest slot sensation from the creative minds at Kalamba. It’s a festive fiesta where the shimmer of diamonds meets the joyous spirit of Christmas.

With twinkling visuals, harmonious jingles, and the potential for a stellar 20,000x max win, Kalamba has truly wrapped up the best of the festive season in a beautiful bow for players.

Diamond Bounty is a sweeps slot that can be played in sweepstakes casinos and social ones like WOW Vegas and Stake.us for free, offering players the opportunity to claim real money prizes.

We’re poised to unwrap the detailed features of Diamond Bounty Xmas: Hold and Win in our upcoming review. We’ll dive deep, navigating through its snowy reels and icy features, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to tackle the festive challenges Kalamba has set by the time you’re ready to play.

diamond bounty xmas holdandwin

Diamond Bounty Xmas Hold & Win Slot Interface

Gameplay and Mechanics

Kalamba Games’ Diamond Bounty Xmas Hold and Win is a thrilling online video slot that expertly marries holiday-themed visuals and complex gameplay.This traditional slot machine has 5 reels and 3 rows and is decorated with snowflakes and glitter for the holidays. The 10 predetermined paylines can increase a player’s chances of winning.

One of the most significant attributes of this slot is its array of bet levels, which determine the possible payouts and the active game features. The game’s RTP varies depending on the chosen bet level, ranging from 95.00% to a generous 97.02% when the BuyBonus feature is in play.

This kind of RTP variation hints at nuanced volatility, satisfying players who like to win frequently but in small increments and those who want to win less frequently but more heavily. The game operates by lining up symbols on active paylines to achieve winning combinations. Each symbol in the game has a distinct value, and the symbols on the paylines determine the total payout for a spin.


  • Golden 7: Pays 200.00, 40.00, and 12.00 for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Red 7: Pays 40,00, 20.00, and 10.00 for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Blue 7: Pays 40.00, 20.00, and 6.00 for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Any combination of 7s: Pays 4.00, 2.00, and 0.80 for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Golden BAR: Pays 12.00, 5.00, and 3.00 for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Purple BAR: Pays 8.00, 4.00, and 2.00 for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Blue BAR: Pays 8.00, 3.00, and 1.20 for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Any combination of BARs: Pays 4.00, 2.00, and 0.60 for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline

symbol payouts diamond bounty xmas slot

Diamond Bounty Xmas Hold and Win Slot Symbol Payouts

Bonus Feature and Special Symbols

The game’s true magic lies in its bonus features and special symbols, which elevate the gameplay from a standard slot experience to a thrilling adventure filled with surprises.

These features are intricately designed, allowing players to unlock various game modes and potential rewards as they journey through the festive world of Diamond Bounty Xmas Hold and Win.

Bonus Features

Hold and Win Bonus

This feature is the heart of the game’s excitement. Triggered during the base game when either bet level 3 or 4 is active, players can lock in Hold and Win symbols for potentially massive payouts.

The intricacies of this feature depend on the number of symbols that appear and the active bet level, creating a dynamic and unpredictable bonus round.

diamond bounty xmas bonus round

Hold and Win Bonus Round Diamond Bounty Xmas

Cashpot Levels

Embedded within the Hold and Win bonus, there are four distinct cashpot levels. Whenever a player triggers a cashpot, they are awarded a random prize, adding an element of suspense and thrill to the game.

BuyBonus Feature

For those impatient souls or those seeking an instant adrenaline rush, the BuyBonus feature immediately awards the Hold and Win bonus, bypassing the need to trigger it during the base game. This feature, while costly, promises a unique set of rewards and a different RTP.

bonus buy feature diamond bounty hold and win slot

Diamond Bounty Xmas

Special Symbols

Multiplier Wild Symbols

These symbols, which appear as gleaming multipliers against a festive backdrop, can substitute for most other symbols, increasing the possibility of winning combinations. Their appearance becomes more frequent as one climbs the bet levels.

Hold and Win Symbols

This symbol, characterized by a dazzling design, is the key to unlocking the game’s primary bonus feature. It appears more frequently as players opt for higher bet levels.

hold win symbols diamondbountyxmas slot

Hold and Win Symbols Diamond Bounty Xmas

Super Hold and Win Symbol

This symbol is a rarer, more potent version of the Hold and Win symbol. It appears exclusively on the 1st and 5th columns during the base game, adding a layer of strategy to the gameplay.

When combined with the game’s basic mechanics, these features and symbols create a captivating experience, ensuring players are always on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating their next big win.

Design and Graphics

At first glance, Diamond Bounty Xmas: Hold and Win reveals itself as a festive marvel. The reels, ornately bordered in gold, house symbols that perfectly encapsulate the holiday spirit, from cheery Santa hats to intricately designed bells.

These are not mere symbols; they are works of art crafted meticulously, boasting rich colors and sharp, high-definition graphics. Every spin is a visual treat, with animations smooth as the ice on a frozen lake, ensuring players remain immersed in this joyous holiday escapade.

kalamba games slot landing design xmas edition

Kalamba Games Slot Landing Design


Audio truly is half the experience. As the reels spin, the gentle jingles of holiday tunes fill the air, reminiscent of carolers singing under a snow-kissed lamppost. Each win is celebrated with a crescendo, a burst of joyous melodies, making victories all the sweeter.

The subtle sound effects, whether the whimsical chime of a matched payline or the crescendo of a bonus round, harmoniously complement the visuals, cocooning the player in a heartwarming festive ambiance.

Game on Mobile

For those on the go, fret not. The online slot game makes a seamless transition to mobile, so you can keep the holiday cheer close at hand wherever you go.

With an interface optimized for smaller screens, the gameplay remains uncompromised, with touch-responsive controls and crisp visuals. If you are waiting for your cocoa to heat up or just trying to stay warm on a chilly night, this slot will ensure you have access to holiday cheer.


Diamond Bounty Xmas: Hold and Win is a celebration game. Its visual brilliance, captivating tunes, and seamless mobile experience come together to craft a festive adventure that enchants and excites.

If the holidays had a flavor, this game would be it. Delightful, heartwarming, and utterly engaging, it’s the perfect festive treat for any slot enthusiast.

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The RTP of Diamond Bounty Xmas is 96.50%.

Diamond Bounty Xmas offers a max winning potential of 20,000x your current bet.

The game is classic-themed with a holiday spirit twist.

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