Firewins Factory

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Rating 6.4/10


Free 1,000,000 GC + 5 SC

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In the realm of online slots, Relax Gaming’s Firewins Factory ignites the screen with a concoction of whimsy and explosive wins. This factory-themed game takes players into a cartoonish world, reminiscent of minion-laden universes, where an industrious frenzy melds with fireworks to create a visually captivating experience. Let’s delve into the gears and cogs of Firewins Factory and uncover what makes this slot a potential hidden gem among Relax Gaming’s slots portfolio.

A Burst of Creativity and Gameplay

The game operates on a 6×6 grid, utilizing a connected ways system that provides 950 paths to victory. This high-volatility adventure, set in a brick-and-tile factory manned by quirky workers, offers players a chance to ignite cascades of wins with a reported RTP of 96.19%. Betting ranges from a modest 0.10 to a maximum of 50, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of players.

The visual charm of Firewins Factory is undeniable, with colorful, Minion-like characters toiling away under the watchful eye of a moustachioed capitalist, adding a layer of narrative depth to the spinning reels. Relax Gaming, known for its rich portfolio and iconic titles like the Money Train series, showcases its versatility with this slot, blending a light-hearted theme with the thrill of potential high payouts.

firewins factory slot ui

Slot Interface


The core mechanic that fuels Firewins Factory is the Cascading Wins feature, where winning symbols vanish, allowing new ones to descend and fill the void, potentially triggering chain reactions of wins. However, the true spectacle lies in the variety of Explosive Wilds – each with unique patterns of spreading wildness across the grid, increasing win multipliers in their wake.

  • Explosive Wilds: Ranging from Cross Wilds spreading to adjacent symbols, to Random Spread Wilds targeting multiple positions, these wilds not only substitute for other symbols but also amplify the win multiplier with each involvement in a win.
  • Second Chance: In moments where no further wins appear possible, unused wilds might get a second chance to detonate, spreading their effects and possibly kick-starting more cascades.
  • Free Spins: Unlocking the Free Spins feature propels players into a round where the win multiplier, bolstered by Explosive Wilds, doesn’t reset, allowing for cumulative boosts to winning potential.
  • Feature Buys: For those eager to dive straight into the action, the game offers a Feature Buy option, enabling direct access to free spins, with the choice between a standard and a super version for varying costs.

free spins bonus round firewins factory

Relax Gaming Free Spins Bonus Round Gameplay

Concluding Thoughts

While Firewins Factory may not vie for the title of Relax Gaming’s most groundbreaking release, it’s a slot that exudes charm and offers engaging gameplay. The blend of cascading wins, explosive wilds, and persistent multipliers during free spins creates a gameplay environment ripe with excitement and surprise. With a generous maximum win potential of 20,000x the stake, this game is poised to provide both casual enjoyment and thrilling chases for substantial payouts.

In an industry where the quest for innovation is ceaseless, this slot stands out for its simplicity, peppered with just enough special features to keep the reels spinning interestingly. Whether you’re a fan of the whimsical theme or the explosive mechanics, Firewins Factory is a testament to Relax Gaming’s ability to craft slots that resonate with a diverse audience. So, if you’re ready to light the fuse for a chance at dazzling wins, Firewins Factory awaits your spark.

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Firewins Factory boasts an RTP of 96.19%, slightly above the industry average, offering players a fair chance at winning.

Explosive Wilds spread to adjacent symbols in various patterns, such as cross or diagonal, increasing the win multiplier with each participation in a winning combination.

Yes, Firewins Factory offers a Feature Buy option, allowing players to directly access the Free Spins round for a specified cost, with options for standard or super versions.

The maximum win potential in Firewins Factory is 20,000x your stake, providing players with the opportunity for substantial payouts.

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