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Print Studios, the creative minds behind Royal Potato 2, are known for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Their games are a testament to their innovative approach, and Royal Potato 2 is no exception.

Royal Potato 2 features a whimsical and captivating gaming experience. With its charming potato-themed hierarchy and a cast of unique characters, this sequel is set to be even more engaging than the original. We’ll be diving deeper into the enchanting world of Royal Potato 2 in this review. So get ready for an extraordinary potato adventure! If you are an American, you can play Royal Potato 2 and many other new slots in sweepstakes casinos like

royal potato 2 slot interface

Royal Potato 2 Slot Interface

Gameplay and Mechanics

Royal Potato 2 offers a 5×4 reel layout with 30 paylines, and it’s set to captivate players with its high volatility and impressive RTP of 96.26%. Winning combinations must include at least 3 matching symbols, paid from left to right, and bets ranging from 0.20 to 25 coins per spin to create a versatile playing field. The game’s structure promises both excitement and the potential for substantial rewards.


  • King Eduardo: Pays 50.00 FUN, 10.00 FUN, and 3.00 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Queen Taterina: Pays 25.00 FUN, 7.50 FUN, and 2.00 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Duchess Wafflecut: Pays 12.50 FUN, 5.00 FUN, and 1.00 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Countess Frytoria: Pays 10.00 FUN, 4.00 FUN, and 1.00 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Baron Roasti: Pays 7.50 FUN, 3.00 FUN, and 0.75 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Lord Chippington: Pays 6.00 FUN, 2.50 FUN, and 0.75 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Purple Flower: Pays 3.00 FUN, 1.25 FUN, and 0.40 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Orange Flower: Pays 2.50 FUN, 1.00 FUN, and 0.40 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Green Flower: Pays 2.00 FUN, 0.60 FUN, and 0.30 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline
  • Blue Flower: Pays 1.50 FUN, 0.60 FUN, and 0.30 FUN for 5, 4, and 3 on an active payline

royal potato2 paytable

Royal Potato 2 Symbol Payouts

Interactive Features

Players can anticipate a thrilling gaming experience with the game’s interactive elements. Some of the interactive features you can take advantage of include the following:


Royal Potato 2 offers an autoplay feature for added convenience, allowing players to automate their spins easily. This feature is a time-saving option, especially for those who prefer a more relaxed gaming experience.

Minimum and Maximum Bet Buttons

The game’s betting options cater to various player preferences. Players of all bankroll sizes can take part in Royal Potato 2’s potato-themed adventure, as the game’s betting range is just 0.20 coins to 25 coins per spin.

Bonus Features and Special Symbols

Get ready for a potato-themed adventure like no other in Royal Potato 2. This quirky slot offers an array of bonus features and unique symbols that can turn every spin into a delightful surprise. Let’s delve into the world of Royal Potato 2’s bonus features and special symbols:

Bonus Features


special features royalpotato2 slot

Special Features Royal Potato 2 Slot 

Exclusive to Print Studios games, SuperSpinners are special numbers between the symbols’ reels. When a SuperSpinner intersects with one of your wins, the displayed SuperSpinner value multiplies your prize. Multiple SuperSpinners in a win apply their values consecutively, leading to exciting rewards.

Royal Levy

In the base game, the Royal Levy feature might trigger randomly when you land 2 King or Queen symbols (the highest-paying symbols). During this event, each King and Queen symbol spins to reveal a cash prize of up to 500 times your bet or a set of free spins. If SuperSpinner values are active during this event, their totals combine to multiply your cash reward significantly.

Spud Spins Bonus

By landing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols in the base game, you can claim 10, 12, or 14 free spins, respectively, through the Spud Spins Bonus. This feature begins with a locked 2×1 Jumbo symbol in the center.

The Jumbo symbol substitutes for all symbols in the adjacent symbol panel. Wins with all active symbols cause the Jumbo symbol to expand, granting extra free spins and substituting for more symbols. In the final stage, the Jumbo symbol takes over the reels and pays as the highest-paying symbol on each spin.

royal potato 2 free spins bonus round

Royal Potato 2 Free Spins Bonus Round Interface

Potato Sack

If the Potato Sack symbol lands on the rightmost reel during Stages 1 to 5 of the Spud Spins Bonus, it awards one of several modifiers:

  • Golden Spinner: Turns one SuperSpinner golden, guaranteeing a value of at least 10x for each remaining spin.
  • Extra Spins: Grants 3 to 6 additional free spins.
  • Synced Reels (Stages 1–3): Awards an extra spin where reels 1 and 2 synchronize.
  • Symbol Activation (Stages 4-5): Awards an extra spin and activates a symbol on the panel as if it had won.

Feature Buy

For those eager to jump into the action, the feature buy menu offers various options:

  • Scatter Boost: Increases the frequency of Spud Spins Bonus triggers by a factor of 2.45 for 1.5 times the bet (RTP 96.37%).
  • Enhanced Scatter Boost: Boosts Spud Spins Bonus trigger frequency by a factor of 5.37 for 2.5 times the bet (RTP 96.47%).
  • Royal Levy: Triggers the Royal Levy feature for 31.7 times the bet (RTP 96.67%).
  • Spud Spins Bonus: Activates the Spud Spins Bonus for 100 times the bet (RTP 97.26%).
  • Super Spud Spins Bonus: Initiates the Spud Spins Bonus with a Potato Sack and Golden Spinner on the first spin for 340 times the bet (RTP 97.48%).

bonus buy feature royalpotato2

Bonus Buy Feature – Royal Potato 2 

Special Symbols

Bonus Symbol

When 3, 4, or 5 Bonus symbols land anywhere on the base game reels, they set off the exciting Spud Spins Bonus, granting you 10, 12, or 14 free spins, respectively.

Design and Graphics

This quirky, medieval realm is home to potato royalty, knights, and a host of unique characters. The game’s visuals are rich in detail and boast polished artwork that breathes life into this delightful universe.

Every spin immerses you in a world where creativity knows no bounds, and it’s a visual treat that sets the stage for an extraordinary gaming experience.

royal potato 2 slot landing design

Royal Potato 2 Slot Landing Design


The game’s soundtrack complements its quirky theme perfectly. With regal tunes that evoke the feeling of a royal ballroom dance, Royal Potato 2’s music enhances the overall charm and immersion. It’s a delightful auditory journey that adds depth to the gameplay.


Royal Potato 2 retains the charm of its predecessor while introducing players to an even more expansive and entertaining world. From its captivating design to its engaging soundtrack, it promises a gaming experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

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Royal Potato 2 offers a massive max win of 40,000 times your bet.

The game’s release date is set on September 28, 2023.

Royal Potato 2 features an RTP of 96.26%.

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