Sloth Tumble

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Get acquainted with a delightful sales sloth with a fruit stand somewhere deep in the forest. While other sloths are running around, Chip, as the sloth goes by, is seated at his favorite spot leaning on a wooden box with his hat and headphones, listening to a mixtape.

Chip waits for interested parties to clear up his stock and win free spins and cash prizes. The game is simply amazing both in design and execution. Looking to play Sloth Thumble from the US? This and many other Relax Gaming are available to play in WOW Vegas.

Visit Chip at His Fruit Stand for A Chance to Win Some Cash

Sloth Tumble is a high volatility slot by Relax Gaming, in partnership with Casino Daddy, released on 25th July 2023. The game has 6 reels, 6 rows, and an RTP of 96.11%. You get 46,656 paylines and a maximum win of 100,000x your bet.

Clear all the wooden and ice blockers to get free spins and super free spins, respectively. You can also buy super free spins and other bonus features, giving you complete control of your sessions.

sloth tumble slot interface relax gaming

Sloth Tumble Slot Interface – Relax Gaming 

Gameplay and Mechanics

Relax Gaming did exemplary work with the design to ensure Sloth Tumble is simple for novice players and attractive to expert gamers. You can control the game using buttons on the panel below the reels.

From left to right, the panel contains a hamburger menu with an information button, a system settings option, and a sound button.

Next is the buy button that you can use to purchase several bonus features, including super free spins. The panel also contains the (+) and (-) bet adjustment buttons, the reel speed adjustment toggle, and the spin button.

Lastly, the autoplay button allows you to automatically make up to an infinite number of spins.

How To Work Sloth Tumble by Relax Gaming

Working Sloth Tumble requires little to no knowledge about slot machines. To play the game, set your bet size by clicking the (+) button to increase the bet value or the (-) to reduce the bet size.

After that, hit the spin button to turn the reels. Under normal circumstances, the reels should take the shortest time to spin and display the results. The arrangement of the components on the grid will determine the following events.


slothtumble paytable

Sloth Tumble Symbol Payouts 

Sloth Tumble is played with 9 symbols, excluding the wild. Chip/the sloth is the highest paying symbol, with 6-of-a-kind paying up to 2 times your bet.

On the other hand, mid-level symbols, which include the strawberry, orange, watermelon, and blueberry blocks, pay between 0.40 to 0.75 times your bet when you hit 6 matching symbols.

The star, square, triangle, and circle are the lowest-paying symbols. Having six of a kind on a payline pays up to 0.20x your bet.

Bonus Features and Special Symbols

While the base game is fun, it gets even better with the bonus round and special symbols. The wild is the only special symbol. Whenever it hits, it can substitute any other symbol on the reels. The bonus features, on the other hand, include:

Free Spins

Sloth Tumble randomly awards players 6 to 12 free spins when all wood blocker symbols are destroyed. Prior to each avalanche, there’s a chance that reels 2 to 5 transform to a wild, each with a multiplier depending on the multipliers of the symbols on the reels before its transition.

Note that the wild will act as a single symbol when determining the number of ways. The symbol that awards additional free spins may land on the 6th reel and be destroyed if any wins occur.

Super Free Spins

super free spins gameplay sloth tumble

Super Free Spins Sloth Tumble

You get 6 to 12 free spins randomly whenever you destroy all ice blockers in a spin. Before every avalanche, any reel from 2 to 5 may transition to a wild, which comes with multipliers based on the multipliers of the symbols that occupied the reels before the transformation.

The wild reel acts as a single symbol when determining the number of bet ways. If lucky, you can land a symbol awarding additional free spins on the 6th reel. The symbol is, however, destroyed if you hit a winning combination.

Super free spins bring a long progressive multiplier that starts with 1x and increases based on any multiplier value available on symbols won.

The progressive multiplier is applied to the cumulative winnings of every spin at the end of the spin. When you exhaust super free spins, you can purchase an extra spin, but only if certain conditions hold.

Buy Free Spins Feature

You can activate the Buy Free Spins in the base game by spending 100x times your bet amount. If you are lucky, you may receive super free spins instead. When you purchase the free spin feature, the RTP of the high volatility slot becomes 96.50%.

Buy Super Free Spins Feature

It is also possible to purchase super free spins with 500x times your bet but only in the main game. Like the free spins, purchasing Super Free Spins will raise the theoretical RTP of the slot machine to 96.50%.

Buy Extra Spin Game Feature

buy extra spin feature sloth tumble

Buy Extra Spin Game Feature Sloth Tumble

You can purchase extra free spin games after playing super free spins. If you do so, the multiplier will be kept. However, make sure the progressive multiplier is less than 200x.

The base cost of purchasing an extra spin is 90x times your bet. In the meantime, 10x times the current progressive multiplier is added to the base cost.

This must be paid using previous winnings in the current game round. When you purchase an extra spin feature, the RTP becomes 96.50%.

Design and Graphics

Sloth Tumble is an animal-themed slot set in a thick forest. The game is based on a sloth named Chip that has decided to venture into business selling sweet fruits. Sloth Tumble’s background is filled with tall trees and a grassy landscape. On the other hand, the symbols appear on a wooden structure with a speaker on the left side.

Chip is seated below the speaker, leaning on a box and listening to music. A weighing scale, a lantern, and a couple of wooden boxes are placed on the right of the reels. Generally, the graphics are great, and so are the animations used. The entire video slot is complemented with a relaxed tune you will love.

slothtumble landing design

Sloth Tumble Game Landing Design 


Nothing is as captivating as playing a uniquely designed high-volatility slot that only requires a minimum bet of 0.20 coins for a chance to win 100,000x your bet. Sloth Tumble comes with an intriguing storyline and fantastic features, including free spins and super free spins. It also has progressive multipliers, a feature rarely found on slots.

Sadly, the symbols payout is little compared to other video slots. Also, Sloth Tumble does not have a regular or progressive jackpot. Apart from these few drawbacks, the game is captivating and worth playing.

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Sloth Tumble features an amazing 46,656 ways to win.

This Relax Gaming title offers a massive payout of up to 100,000 times your bet.

Sloth Tumble is a highly volatile slot, so you have the chance to land substantial wins.

Relax Gaming published Sloth Tumble on July 25, 2023.

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