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Free 7,500 GC + $2.5 in Sweeps Coins

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The beat of the streets comes alive in Tramp Day, BGaming‘s gritty ode to hip-hop culture and urban resilience. This isn’t your typical slot – spinning reels is just part of the rhythm of hustling to get by and get ahead.

With art and audio evoking the raw vibe of city life, Tramp Day puts you in the shoes of a resourceful wanderer thriving through wit and optimism. Hardship transforms into an opportunity for those ready to embrace the unconventional path.

BGaming once again pushes boundaries beyond slot norms with their signature style. Spinning brings you deeper into this world, where potential lies in unlikely places for those bold enough to see it. You won’t only collect wins here – you’ll uncover life lessons in perseverance and possibilities.

So get ready to channel your inner hustler, beat the streets to your own rhythm, and uncover the rich rewards of the uncharted lane.

tramp day slot interface

Tramp Day Slot Interface

Gameplay and Mechanics

This title unfolds on a 6×5 grid that pulsates with the energy of city streets, offering a high RTP of 97.17% that keeps the promise of high stakes and higher rewards.

The game’s high volatility is a thrilling echo of the unpredictability of street life. Here, wins pay anywhere, echoing the tramp’s philosophy that value can be found in the most unexpected places.

As you navigate through the game, every spin can uncover an assortment of urban treasures—from tasty street foods to forgotten cash and multipliers—turning the mundane into the magnificent.

The chance to double up or enter the free spins round adds an extra layer of strategy, inviting you to gamble on the night’s generous offerings.

With each discovery, Tramp Day challenges you to see the city through the eyes of those who value every small win—a game where chance becomes a way of life and every spin could lead to a 5,000x jackpot.


  • Wad of Cash: Pays 30.00 FUN, 15.00 FUN and 6.00 FUN for 12+, 10-11, and 8-9, respectively
  • Bottle of Whiskey: Pays 15.00 FUN, 6.00 FUN, and 1.50 FUN for 12+, 10-11, and 8-9, respectively
  • A Slice of Pizza: Pays 9.00 FUN, 3.00 FUN, and 1.20 FUN for 12+, 10-11, and 8-9, respectively
  • Doughnut: Pays 7.20 FUN, 1.20 FUN, and 0.90 FUN for 12+, 10-11, and 8-9, respectively
  • An Empty Can of Drink: Pays 6.00 FUN, 0.90 FUN, and 0.60 FUN for 12+, 10-11, and 8-9, respectively
  • A: Pays 4.80 FUN, 0.72 FUN, and 0.48 FUN for 12+, 10-11, and 8-9, respectively
  • K: Pays 3.00 FUN, 0.60 FUN, and 0.30 FUN for 12+, 10-11, and 8-9, respectively
  • Q: Pays 2.40 FUN, 0.54 FUN, and 0.24 for 12+, 10-11, and 8-9, respectively
  • J: Pays 1.20 FUN, 0.45 FUN, and 0.15 FUN for 12+, 10-11, and 8-9, respectively

tramp day symbol payouuts

Tramp Day Symbol Payouts

Bonus Features and Special Symbols

Venturing beyond the base game reveals a trove of rewarding bonuses and special symbols that unlock this slot’s true potential. While the core gameplay delivers smooth entertainment, diving into the unique features opens up new dimensions of winning opportunities.

Prepare to experience cascading rewards, escalating multipliers, and retriggering free spins. Each element interweaves to keep gameplay perpetually intriguing.

Whether it’s the anticipation of special symbols landing or activating buy bonuses for instant access, the additional facets inject variety and constant incentives.

Bonus Features

Refill Feature

Take advantage of an unbroken chain of wins with the innovative refill feature, where each winning combo paves the way for more symbols to cascade down.

This dynamic process repeats until no more wins can be formed, ensuring that every successful spin has the potential to trigger a sequence of rewards.

Multiplier in Main Game

The thrill of the main game is heightened by multiplier symbols that can appear during any spin. If you land multiple multipliers and secure a win, their values are combined to amplify your total spin win, promising an exhilarating boost to your winnings.

Free Spin Accumulators

tramp day free spins bonus round

Tramp Day Free Spins Bonus Round

Step into the free spins arena, where multipliers don’t just add up; they accumulate. Each win in the free spins round is a chance to collect and combine multipliers for a total applied to successive spins, escalating the excitement with each tumble and win.

Buy Bonus

For those eager to dive straight into the action, the free spins round is available for purchase, with the price adapting to your bet. Activate this feature and propel yourself directly into the heart of bonus play without waiting for a lucky spin.

Chances x2

Activate the chance x2 feature to subtly increase your bet, boosting your odds of triggering the Free Spins round. This feature can be toggled on or off in the main game, allowing for customized gameplay strategies.

Special Symbols

Scatter Symbol

Watch for the scatter symbols; landing four or more triggers the free spins round. If fortune smiles upon you during free spins, landing additional scatters can retrigger the feature, extending your play in this lucrative mode.

tramp day special symbols info

Tramp Day Special Symbols Information

Multiplier Symbol

In the base game and during free spins, multiplier symbols can land to enhance your winnings. They range from 2x to 500x and stay in place until the end of the refill sequence, after which they are added together to multiply the total win of that sequence.

In the Free Spins round, these multipliers build upon each other, creating a sum that magnifies subsequent wins and heightens the potential for colossal payouts.

Design and Graphics

Tramp Day welcomes players into an urban world brimming with graffiti-lined streets and towering high rises stretching into hazy skies. The bearded, sneaker-clad protagonist wanders vibrant city scenes pulsating with the energy of hip-hop culture.

Animations are fluid as symbols like boomboxes and basketballs cascade down graffitied brick walls with an almost musical rhythm.

Touches like flickering streetlights and manhole steam ground you in city life. The color palette pops with warm hues like fiery reds and oranges, contrasted by cool blues and greens.

Each scene captures the grit and grime of the city along with its hidden vibrancy. You can almost feel the sticky summer air and hear the thrum of traffic as the visuals transport you. BGaming infused the graphics with atmosphere, making every spin feel cinematic.

tramp day slot landing design

Tramp Day Slot Landing Design


An upbeat, mellow hip-hop rhythm provides the city’s pulse, blending elements of soul, funk, and rap into an engaging beat. Vinyl scratches and urban sound effects layer into the medley, conjuring car engines and street chatter. The occasional police siren interjects, alluding to unseen stories.

As reels cascade, the protagonist might call out celebratory phrases or chuckle wryly at a loss. Together, the audio conveys stories beyond the frame, making Tramp Day feel alive and perpetually in motion. The sounds pull you into city life just as much as the visuals.


With Tramp Day, BGaming bottles the visceral grit and character of urban living into an entertaining slot experience. The sights and sounds transport players while rewarding features and 5,000x potential provide incentives.

Tramp Day stands out by framing gaming within a window into city hustling and hip-hop culture. Each spin moves the engaging narrative forward. While volatility brings peaks and valleys, Tramp Day offers an artful ode to overlooked lives and their daily quest for opportunity.

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Tramp Day is a 6×5 slot with a unique “Pays Anywhere” system, high volatility, a 97.17% RTP, and a maximum win potential of 5,000x.

Bonus features in Tramp Day include a refill feature for cascading wins, multipliers in the main game, free spin accumulators, and an option to buy bonus spins.

The game includes scatter symbols that trigger free spins and multiplier symbols that increase winnings, both in the base game and free spins round.

Tramp Day features an urban hip-hop theme with graffiti-style graphics and a mellow hip-hop soundtrack, creating an immersive city street atmosphere.

Martin Vatev's exploration into the world of words began not amid the pages of fictional tales but within the bustling, pragmatic environments of newsrooms and media outlets. As a student of Journalism at the Technical University of Dortmund, Martin was swiftly plunged into the ecosystems of stories that were urgent, real, and imperatively bound to the world's happenings. By taking part in different local media, his days were enveloped in uncovering facts, ensuring objectivity, and rendering narratives that adhered strictly to the pulses of reality.