5 High Volatile Slots in Sweepstakes Casinos

High-volatility slots are an excellent option for those seeking excitement when playing games at Sweepstakes Casinos. They have a higher risk-reward ratio, meaning that they pay out less frequently but offer bigger prizes when they do.

High-volatility slots are perfect for players who love the thrill of chasing huge jackpots and don’t mind enduring some dry spells in between.

In this article, we from Mr. Sweepstakes will introduce you to five of the best high-volatility slots you can find at sweepstakes casinos in the US.

Top 5 High Volatile Slots in Sweepstakes Casinos

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Sweepstakes Slots

Several exciting slot games with high volatility are available at most sweepstakes casino sites. Each slot offers unique gameplay and thrilling features that elevate your gaming experience. Below are five top high-volatile slots you can play at various sweepstakes casinos:

  • Tramp Day
  • Fire Stampede
  • Boss Bear
  • Crystal Scarabs
  • Juicy Fruits Multihold

Tramp Day

One of BGaming’s newest additions, Tramp Day, is a 6×5 slot with a unique and unconventional theme. It allows players to experience life as a tramp, with all the resilience it brings.

Players are guaranteed an immersive atmosphere with a hip-hop soundtrack and a day-and-night cycle that changes the mood and the features.

Tramp Day slot blends an urban flair with the casino’s distinct thrills. Random multiplier symbols are featured in the base game and free spins round. They provide an opportunity to amplify your winnings and take your gaming adventure to new heights.

The game has a Buy Bonus feature, where you can get the Free Spins round for a predetermined amount of virtual coins. Additionally, the Chance x2 feature allows players to slightly increase their stake and possibly get free spins.

Tramp Day’s high volatility guarantees an exhilarating adventure as you experience dynamic and unpredictable gameplay. With a whopping 97.17% RTP, it offers an excellent opportunity for excitement when you bet with Sweeps Coins in your preferred sweepstakes casino.

tramp day slot interface

Tramp Day Slot Interface

Fire Stampede

Pragmatic Play’s Fire Stampede is a slot that takes you on a fiery adventure in the American wilderness. The game has a stunning design, with a flaming bison as the main symbol and desert scenery as the background. It offers a hot and exciting way to experience the beauty and power of nature.

Fire Stampede offers potential for quality fun when you stake Sweeps Coins at various sweepstakes casinos, enticing players with the prospect of substantial rewards. This game provides excitement with multiple features such as respins, scatter symbols, free spins, and wild symbols. It also offers three jackpots, namely minor, major, and Grand prizes, when players land specific symbols

With its breathtaking graphics and captivating features, Fire Stampede demonstrates the provider’s dedication to providing top-notch gaming experiences. Its smooth adaptation to mobile devices elevates the game’s appeal, enabling you to enjoy it while on the go. The game mechanics require little or no experience to easily navigate and enjoy the action.

You can anticipate a rewarding experience with the slot’s RTP of 96%. Its flexible range ensures accessibility and inclusion, as you can play regardless of your coin balance. Each session is guaranteed to have a fair and honest outcome.

fire stampede slot interface

Fire Stampede Sweeps Slot

Boss Bear

Push Gaming is the provider behind the highly-anticipated Boss Bear slot. This game promises to offer a thrilling experience as it draws inspiration from Asia and its martial arts. It has an immersive soundtrack and a comic-style design that adds humor and charm. With excellent gameplay on the horizon, it’s most likely to capture players’ attention.

Boss Bear features a reel setup of 6×5, with 50 active lines. The game is highly volatile and has an RTP of 96.47%. With its impressive jackpot, you can potentially get large virtual rewards when you stake coins in various sweepstakes casinos.

It includes various special features that promise a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. Some include wild symbols, the reveal mechanic, multipliers, instant prizes, conversions, nudges, and free spins.

The wild symbol substitutes any regular symbol, aiding in combination formations. Like mystery symbols in other slots, the game’s reveal feature involves stacked symbols that transform into either standard symbols or wilds.

boss bear slot interface

Boss Bear Gameplay

Crystal Scarabs

With its ancient Egyptian theme, the Crystal Scarabs slot by 3 Oaks Gaming invites you to discover the mysteries of the pyramids and the scarabs. The backdrop features the majestic Egyptian pyramids against a stunning yellow-pink sky, with distant camels strolling in the distance. A golden border adorned with ancient hieroglyphs surrounds the spinning reels, and the slot logo sits atop the frame.

With its beautiful soundtrack and vibrant visuals, Crystal Scarabs will captivate any player. There are 25 paylines, and you score whenever three or more identical symbols appear in a row.

You can win more frequently by using a specific collection of symbols. Cards from 10 to A, the Eye of Horus, a falcon, a cat, and Anubis appear on the reels. These are the fundamentals. Notably, the scarab serves as the game’s unique icon, fulfilling the roles of both a wild and a scatter.

Crystal Scarabs is a terrific slot with an RTP of 95.60% that gives cool prizes. The slot’s high volatility means that it’s less likely you’ll win often, but when you do, the payout will be substantial. You can play with Gold Coins or Sweepstakes at any sweepstakes casino.

crystal scarabs slot interface

Crystal Scarabs Slot Interface

Juicy Fruits Multihold

Pragmatic Play presents Juicy Fruits Multihold, a classic fruit-themed slot with a modern flair. Set against a vibrant and colorful backdrop, the reels showcase an array of fruits, including cherries, lemons, oranges, and watermelons.

The game exudes a lively atmosphere with its cheerful soundtrack and straightforward design, offering players a nostalgic and enjoyable experience.

With 40 paylines, Juicy Fruits Multihold rewards you for matching three or more symbols on adjacent reels. The game incorporates wild symbols, available in various sizes, from regular to mega. This dynamic feature adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Unlocking the more captivating features in Juicy Fruits Multihold requires access to free spins. To trigger this bonus, you’ll need three or more scatter symbols on the reels, granting you six free spins.

Juicy Fruits Multihold, characterized by high volatility, boasts an RTP of 96.04% and offers thrilling prizes when you stake with Sweeps Coins. The game includes both wilds and scatters, with the free spins feature carrying the highest potential for substantial excitement.

You can always enjoy the exciting gaming action with your preferred mobile or desktop devices without experiencing any hitches.

juicy fruits multihold slot interface

Juicy Fruits Multihold

Tips for Winning with High Volatile Slots

The idea is to have fun and excitement. However, when playing, you’ll also want to win to top up your Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins balance. Several essential strategies are needed to potentially win more coins with high volatility slots. Here are some of them:

Quit while you’re ahead

High-volatility slots can be alluring, especially after a big win. However, their unpredictability means you never know when the next success will occur. Establish a clear exit strategy by setting both win and loss limits and adhering to them rigorously. Avoid the temptation to chase larger wins, which could result in significant losses. Take your coins if you’ve made a win, savor the moment, and prevent high volatility slots from affecting your mood.

Manage your bankroll wisely

In high-volatility slots, enduring prolonged periods without significant wins is common. Ensure you have sufficient GC or SC balance to sustain your gameplay until a substantial win occurs. Stick to your budget and select a bet size aligned with your bankroll to extend your playtime responsibly.

Leverage the bonus features

mummysgold gamble round

Mummy’s Gold Gamble Feature

Bonus features encompass special rounds and events within a game, triggering additional rewards. These can range from free spins and re-spins to pick-me games, wheel of fortune, gamble features, and more. In high-volatility slots at Sweepstakes Casinos, more coin wins often occur during these bonus features, making it crucial to capitalize on them whenever possible.

Choose the right game

High-volatility slots vary in their characteristics, especially regarding RTP (Return to Player) rates. Opt for games with RTPs of 96% or higher, as they provide better long-term winning chances. Additionally, examine the game’s paytable and features to understand the offered payouts and bonuses. It’ll allow you to make informed choices for an enhanced gaming experience.

Be patient and have fun

Playing high-volatility slots demands resilience and patience, given their unpredictable yet rewarding nature. Anticipate the highs and lows, recognizing that these slots provide a blend of frustration and exhilaration. While patience and perseverance are essential, it’s crucial to remember that social gaming slots are crafted for enjoyment.

Pay attention to the paylines

example payouts money train three

Money Train Slot Paylines

Paylines are crucial as they dictate how symbols create winning combinations on the reels. In high-volatility slots, some have fixed paylines, requiring bets on all, while others offer adjustable paylines, allowing you to activate a chosen number.

Playing with more paylines increases winning chances and the cost of coins per spin. Experiment with different payline strategies to find the balance that suits your preferences and gameplay.


High volatile slots allow you to secure substantial wins while enjoying the exciting gameplay. They’re ideal if you’re looking for a top-notch gaming experience with the patience needed. Several sweepstakes casinos offer some slots reviewed in this guide, and you can stake with Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins to enjoy various prizes.

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