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Ice Mania by Evoplay is a classic 3-reel slot game that takes players on a nostalgic journey to the land-based casinos of Las Vegas. Released on October 23, 2020, this title offers a traditional casino experience with simple gameplay and the potential for big wins. It is also available for US players in sweepstakes casinos, where you can enjoy it for the chance to win real money rewards.

In this review, we will dive into the mechanics, bonus features, design, and overall experience of Ice Mania to provide you with all the details you need to know.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The slot features a 3×3 reel structure with 5 paylines, allowing players to form winning combinations by matching adjacent symbols. The paytable includes symbols such as:

  • Cherries: Pays 1x for 3 on an active payline
  • Lemon: Pays 3x for 3 on an active payline
  • Plum: Pays 5x for 3 on an active payline
  • Orange: Pays 10x for 3 on an active payline
  • Grapes: Pays 20x for 3 on an active payline
  • Watermelon: Pays 50x for 3 on an active payline
  • 7: Pays 100x for 3 on an active payline

ice mania slot interface

IceMania Slot Interface 

Interactive Features

The slot offers players a range of interactive features that enhance their gameplay experience. These features include auto-spin, turbo mode, and convenient maximum bet buttons.

Auto Spin

The Auto Spin feature allows players to set the game to spin the reels for a predetermined number of rounds automatically. This feature is ideal for those who prefer a hands-free approach, as it eliminates the need to manually click the spin button for each spin. Players can sit back and watch as the reels spin themselves, offering an effortless and smooth gaming experience.

Maximum Bet Buttons

Additionally, Ice Mania has Maximum Bet buttons that let players place the highest bet the game will accept right away. This feature is perfect for players who want to maximize their winning potential and experience the game at its highest stakes without manually adjusting the bet size.

These interactive features provide players with options to customize their gameplay based on their preferences. Whether you prefer a hands-free experience with Auto Spin, or the thrill of maximum bets with the Maximum Bet buttons,it offers a variety of choices to enhance your gaming adventure.

Bonus Feature and Special Symbols

symbol payouts icemania

Symbol Payouts 

Ice Mania takes a refreshing approach by offering a classic and straightforward gameplay experience. If you appreciate the simplicity of traditional fruit machines and prefer a game without intricate bonus features, then Ice Mania is a perfect choice.

You won’t find any bonus rounds, free spins, or multipliers in this sweeps slot. Instead, the focus is on the pure essence of spinning the reels and aiming for winning combinations. This stripped-down approach appeals to players who enjoy a more nostalgic and straightforward gameplay style.

While Ice Mania may lack bonus features, it compensates with its high volatility and the potential for significant wins. The absence of complex features allows players to fully infuse themselves into the game’s core mechanics, keeping the gameplay fast-paced and engaging.

Special Symbols

Wild Symbol

Ice Mania also features a wild symbol, which is a valuable asset on the reels. The wild symbol is in the form of two ice cubes with the letter W in one of them. It substitutes for any other symbol, helping to create winning combinations and boosting your chances of securing sizable payouts. Landing three wild symbols on a payline can reward you with an impressive payout of 500x your total bet.

Design and Graphics

ice mania slot logo

Ice Mania Slot Design 

Ice Mania perfectly captures the essence of a classic slot machine with its retro design. The reels and buttons resemble those found in land-based casinos, evoking a sense of nostalgia.

Ice Mania features a chilly theme, with cool shades of blue dominating the visuals and the fruit symbols drawn in basic graphics to enhance the nostalgic feel. The overall aesthetics of Ice Mania create an authentic and immersive casino experience.


Ice Mania features a fitting soundtrack that complements the gameplay. With a background music track that wouldn’t be out of place in an elevator or while waiting on hold, it adds a touch of familiarity to the gaming experience. The sound effects are minimalistic, with simple beeps and whirs that resonate with the classic slot machine atmosphere.

Game on Mobile

The game is optimized for mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go. Whether playing on iOS or Android, the mobile version offers a seamless and user-friendly experience. The game adapts well to different screen orientations, allowing players to enjoy Ice Mania in portrait and landscape modes.


Ice Mania by Evoplay brings the charm of a classic slot machine to the online gaming world. With its simple gameplay, high volatility, and potential for big wins, this slot appeals to traditional slot enthusiasts and players looking for a nostalgic experience.

While lacking in bonus features, the slot makes up for it with its classic design, immersive graphics, and smooth mobile gameplay. If you’re seeking a straightforward slot game that captures the essence of Las Vegas, Ice Mania is worth a spin.

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The game offers 5 ways to win.

Yes, you can enjoy the game at sweepstakes casinos as they are legal to play from the US.

The game offers an RTP slightly above the average for the industry – 96.09%.

Here at Mr.Sweepstakes we have a free demo of Ice Mania which you can enjoy.

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